Racing Experience

Racing Experience

A tailor-made Experience

In order to be successful you need Professionalism, Passion, the right tools, and above all you need to have an experienced team by your side. Dazeroa300 offers all this to those people who, for leisure or work, have decided to begin a career between the kerbs, marking the ideal trajectory towards victory.

Different programs and experiences tailored to each driver, with one goal only: to offer the best possible preparation to face every aspect of being a driver: from data analysis to mental coaching, up to the organization of specific training for each path chosen by the driver. Dazeroa300, as an ACI Sport Technical Federal Centre, also offers specially dedicated trainings aimed to obtain a racing driving license.

One Team. One Dream

racing experience

One of the major strengths of Dazeroa300 are without any doubts its collaborators; our instructors have a significant competitive background and have been, (or are currently) racing, in national and international high-level open-/covered-wheel competitions.

Each experience or training begins with a one-to-one technical briefing together with the driver, followed (after the session on the track) by an analysis and discussion of the performances, thanks to the data collected from the on-board instruments of our cars. A continuous sharing of sensations and emotions, as well as tips and tricks to improve your skills behind the wheel.

Thanks to the partnership with Sabelt and Stilo, Dazeroa300 is also able to offer its trainees all the technical clothing necessary to get behind the wheel: racesuit, gloves, helmet and balaclava, strictly FIA approved.

Our cars are the queens of the racetrack and they are another source of pride for us at Dazeroa300. From sports road cars to racing ones, all of them are constantly entrusted to the care and controls of our experienced mechanics. Different brands and models to allow our trainees to feel different sensations, find their own way and be able to show their potential behind the wheel.

Training or Experience?

Whether your goal is to experience the thrill of the racetrack once in a lifetime, or start a real training program, our team will be by your side to guarantee you a unique experience. Our proposals range from the pure driving experience, as a driver or passenger, to the more specific training, made for those who want to pursue their passion and get to compete in high level competitions.