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Anti-Covid Dispositions

For Dazeroa300, the safety of its customers and employees is of primary importance: therefore, in line with the regulations in force, the following are the rules to be respected and the measures put in place to prevent covid-19 transmission.

  • Inside our hospitality and boxes there are dispensers containing sanitizing solutions that we invite you to use.
  • Our cars, as well as all the technical equipment made available to clients and students, are subject to continuous controls and sanitization.
  • In order to avoid group meetings, the courses previously identified as group courses are now held on an individual basis.
  • We provide our drivers and instructors (and eventually, on request, also for clients and students) with ffp2 and ffp3 masks for exclusive use on board the cars.
  • It is compulsory to book your experience on the track at least 24 hours in advance by sending an email to info@dazeroa300.com, and then wait for confirmation of the booking by our staff. People without a reservation will not be admitted on board our cars.
  • Inside our hospitality and box it is compulsory to wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, correctly.
  • It is obligatory to maintain the established safety distance of at least one meter inside our hospitality and box.
  • A maximum of one guest per client is allowed access to the hospitality and box.
  • People with body temperature above 37.5°C will not be allowed inside our spaces.
  • We ask to promptly report any possible disease and/or fever to the Management and/or the organization.

Dazeroa300 is in constant contact with the structures hosting its activities, as well as with ACI Sport and the competent authorities connected to it to monitor the evolution of the situation.

We also recommend referring to the internal protocol of the structures hosting our activities (Nuvolari circuit).


All Dazeroa300 driving experiences, as well as the courses, can be purchased directly on our online shop, or through a written request, which has to be sent by e-mail to info@dazeroa300.com

Payments can be made online at the time of your purchase on our online shop by credit card or paypal, or alternatively within 7 days from the date of the order by bank transfer. Orders placed by email can only be paid via bank transfer.

Yes, without any problem, but only if you order on our online shop.

We do accept all the main credit card circuits.

Yes, bank transfers are accepted. Once you have done the order on our online shop, you will get an e-mail with all our bank details. If you order by e-mail, our staff will send you them together with your order confirmation.

The price of the on-board video is 25€ vat included.

Yes. You can ask for your video at the end of your experience at the racetarck, to our staff who will be at your full disposal at the welcome desk. You will be able to pay by cash, credit or debit card.

Whether the day of the event at the racetrack, there will still be availability for extra laps/sessions, you will be able to add them to your booking. Payments must be done before getting behind the wheel, by credit/debit card or by cash.

Gift option

By selecting the gift voucher option, we’ll send a personalised voucher to the mail adress indicated at the moment of the purchase. The voucher will be in PDF format and must be presented (preferibly printed) before taking part to the experience.

Technical Equipment

Helmet is mandatory and Dazeroa300 gives you the chance to use its own jet approved helmets for the experience. Participants will also be provided with a disposable balaclava.
Our helmets are regularly cleaned and sanitized to ensure maximum safety.
If you have a personal helmet you can use it on the racetrack. Jet helmets are also allowed.

Yes. By paying a extra fee, for the experiences on racing cars Dazeroa300 will provide a complete set of FIA approved clothing consisting of overalls, helmet with intercom, balaclava, Hans device, gloves and shoes. This extra fee is € 90 including VAT per person.

Schedule calendar, location and timing

There is a scheduled calendar as racetrack activity is not possible every day, due to the various events taking place at the racetrack. The calendar is online in the “calendar” section of our website.

All participants will get an e-mail a few days before the event. In that e-mail it will be written the exact arrival time, as well as the address of the racetrack.

From this 2020 season Dazeroa300 will be performing its Driving and Racing activities at the Tazio Nuvolari Ractrack, in Cervesina, near Pavia.
Companies can ask for exclusive events that can also be organised in Vairano di Vidigulfo (Pavia) or on any other italian racetrack, upon request.

Currently the Dazeroa300 sports driving courses are carried out at the Vairano di Vidigulfo (PV) racetrack.

If serious personal problems occur, we kindly request to be contacted in time, in order to allow us to evaluate the situation and, if necessary, to find together with the customer the most suitable solution.


Guests are welcome and no extra fee is required to attend the activity. Only a minimum of common sense is required from participants to avoid overcrowding in the pits, so we do suggest to bring with you 1 or maximum 2 guests.

Unfortunately not. It is forbidden to bring passengers on board. It is mandatory that the participant is accompanied by a professional Dazeroa300 instructor.

Unfortunately, no.


In case of bad weather, the activities on road cars normally take place without major problems, even if they may be subject to slight delays. If there are serious weather problems already during the days before the track activity, the Dazeroa300 staff will check the situation and if necessary will notify the participants of the cancellation of the event, that wil be postponed to another date. In case of no communication, the event remains confirmed and the participants must go to the racetrack even in case of rain, in order not to lose the right to use their package.

If the weather situation the day of the event should get worst enough to avoid any activity on the racetrack, as per the opinion of the stewards, the participants will be entitled to find another date for their experience together with the organizer.

For racing car activities, the situation is different since these are more difficult cars to be managed on a wet track, especially for those who do not have high experience. In this case it is recommended to contact Dazeroa300 to evaluate the individual cases. Normally in case of rain the racing activities are post-poned and the customer is given the possibility to choose an alternative date.

This is a protection that Dazeroa300 guarantees to customers when booking their package. It has no additional costs but allows you to recover your participation, should the organizer decide to postpone due to bad weather. The eventual decision to cancel due to adverse weather conditions remains at the discretion of Dazeroa300 and the racetrack itself.


The road cars of Dazeroa300 are covered by regular Kasko insurance.
For racing cars, it is possible to request a special daily insurance for racing cars.

If an accident occurs during your driving session on road cars, unless of your total negligence, no damage will be attributable to the participant.
This means, however, that in the event that this accident is caused by a total failure to comply with the instructions given by the professional driving instructor to the person who was behind the wheel, if damage to the car occurs, Dazeroa300 may request payment of the same to the participant himself . It is important to emphasize that inside the cars there are cameras that in case of accidents will be used to establish any liability.

For what concerns racing cars, the basic experience does NOT include a specific daily insurance for racing cars, but can be purchased and included separately in the package (strongly recommended). Depending on the type of car, there is a ceiling and a deductible. For additional details we recommend that you send an email to info@dazeroa300.com

No, both road and racing cars are managed by the person behind the wheel and do not have dual controls. Whether possible, an instructor will always be on the passenger side, to give the correct advice for a 100% fun and 100% safe experience.

Driving requirements

Yes. To drive Dazeroa300 cars you must have a valid type B license.

To be able to drive Dazeroa300 cars you must be at least 18 years old (with a driving license). There are no age limitations, but you must be in an excellent state of health that allows you to drive a vehicle and you must have a driving license.

The choice of the car must be made at the time of booking and is free. Obviously, we advise beginners not to proceed with the booking of activities on racing cars for obvious safety reasons, since they require a special training.

Open Vouchers and Gift Cards

The open voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Absolutely yes. On the online shop you can buy the Dazeroa300 GIFT CARD, available in different amounts. In this way, the recipient of the gift will only have to contact us to choose the experience he/she prefers, obviously considering the amount of the Gift Card in his/her possession. If the chosen experience has a higher value, the difference can be added.

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Yes. If the package chosen has a higher value than the Gift Card, the amount of the package will be discounted from your total. For these reservations we kindly ask you to contact us directly via email to info@dazeroa300.com without proceeding from the site.

Package changes

At the time of your purchase, it is necessary to choose the car you want to drive on the racetrack. If there is a need to change it, it is possible to do it, but in advance, before the experience takes place. In the event that the new choice involves the use of a car with higher prices, the exchange will be allowed upon payment of the difference fee. If, on the other hand, it is a car with a lower price, we will adjust the number of laps that will driven, so that the participant carries out an experience with the same value that has been actually paid.

Once you have chosen the date of participation for your experience, it will be possible to change it without incurring any penalty (unless serious problems occur) up to seven days before the event takes place. This clause obviously concerns private individuals and not the companies for which we have to refer to a special contract signed by the company itself.

Additional questions

At the end of the activity, we issue a certificate of participation as a reminder of the experience.

There are 3 different levels of sports driving courses that Dazeroa300 offers its customers. They start with the New Beginners, which represents an introductory course, also suitable for those who have absolutely zero experience. Even the Intermediate driving course is also well suited for those who do not have particular knowledge of sports driving, since it is a course that also incorporates the basics, but with a much more complete program than the New Beginners.
We highly recommend the EVO (advanced) course only to those who have already taken part to at least one safe and/or sports driving course, or for those who start from a higher level of preparation.


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