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About Us

DAZEROA300 is a project born from a strong passion and refined with a twenty-year knowledge.

Its founders and collaborators are involved in all-round organization of high-end events in the motorsport and automotive field.
Incentive and team building events at the racetrack tailor-made for you with a large amount of extra services and additional activities, driving experiences on the racetrack on-board of road and racing cars and sports driving courses, for companies, groups and private customers.

Its CEO and driver Davide Campana, has an international and proven experience acquired in over twenty years and has a 3rd level license as a racing driver/instructor, issued by the Federal Driving School at ACI Sport (Automobile Club d’Italia) for competitive activities in sports cars racing.
Together with his highly accomplished team, Davide has created this container of ideas to propose events and offer new experiences to all motorsport and speed fans, taking advantage of a trusty and qualified structure.

Dazeroa300 has been active in Northern Italy and specifically since 2020, more than pleased to operate regularly at the Tazio Nuvolari circuit in Cervesina (PV), a high-speed track of 2,805 meters, ideal for road and racing cars, thanks to its driveability and high safety standards. Depending on the request, Dazeroa300 team is able to operate throughout the entire territory of northern and central Italy, subject to availability of the reference racetrack.

Dazeroa300 has entirely focused on efficiency, experience and reliability; the primary objective has always been offering high level experiences on real racetracks, able to satisfy even the most demanding drivers, guaranteeing fun and quality for users.

From 2018 Dazeroa300 has also become an official ACI Sport CTFA (Federal Technical Auto Centre): a point of reference for the training of sports licensees, for what concerns the speed sector throughout the entire Lombardy Region.
Teaching activities and Federal Training Courses are carried out to make all licensees able to attend and pass the license test and the ones concerning the license skill tests organized by the Federal School, as well as the organisation of the License Test itself, in agreement with the Federal School’s administrative offices.
Only racing cars and qualified instructors, in order to improve your driving techniques and prepare our trainees for passing the official tests.
Thr CTFA Dazeroa300 also has the right to organize the License Test itself, in agreement with the Federal School, taking adavantage of the presence and competence of the Federal Instructor sent to the test (as identified in art. A9.5.5 of Appendix 1 of the Aci Sport National Sports Reg. 2017).a inoltre anche la facoltà di organizzare il Test Licenza, in accordo con la segreteria della Scuola Federale, avvalendosi della presenza e competenza dell’Istruttore Federale inviato al test (così come individuato nell’art. A9.5.5 dell’Appendice 1 del Reg. Sportivo Nazionale Aci Sport 2017).

To offer high level courses and activities Dazeroa300 has chosen federal instructor drivers who come from the racing world and have been, or are still competing in some of the best known championships in motorsport.

    For more informations, contact us by phone +39 3339303935 or +39 3476001584 or fill the form.

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