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Incentive Events

Dazeroa300 provides its expertise in the automotive world, for the creation of events with the main purpose of promoting communication and establishing a climate of trust and collaboration between the members of a group, in particular among the company’s employees.

The team, made up of experts from the events sector with many years of experience, will follow you from the beginning to the end, from the research phase to the development and realization of the event, whether you choose a healthy leisure activity for the group, or even if your goal is to organize a real day dedicated to the development of the distinctive skills of your team. In this second case, the main purpose is to create a sense of identity in each component that participates in the event, obtaining better cohesion and greater collaboration among its employees.

Dazeroa300 events are based on the construction of the “outdoor” working group, which means outside the “classroom”, through the creation of recreational activities, from which the individual participant learns to learn from a real but unfamiliar situation, facing concrete challenges and getting involved.
Obviously, to ensure that the aspect of personal training does not fail, during each Dazeroa300 event there will be a briefing and a de-briefing moment, in which first of all we will analyze the driving activities proposed and how to carry out correctly and in total safety, but in any case without forgetting feelings and emotions. This helps individuals to connect the experience with their own company reality and therefore make a conceptualization of the contents.
If necessary, there is also the possibility of setting up a moment of company speech/meeting during the event.

The main objective is to create an event where waiting times are reduced to a minimum and to do this a series of extra secondary side activities (like for example professional virtual driving simulation stations, Q&A moments with professional drivers, pit stop static experiences, passenger hot laps, blind-drive and much more ….) have been studied  to be added to support the main experience and ensure maximum success. There are a few partnerships that Dazeroa300 has developed to provide customers with extra-level activities of a certain level. These collaborations also include realities from the world of Formula 1, able for example to offer mental training programs, made with highly technological tools and aimed at obtaining a better management of their energies during demanding tasks, very useful for standing out, not only in sports, but also in their workplace.

Incentive and Team Building events at the racetrack

Special events mainly made for business groups, with tailor made racetrack activities and exercises to drive road and/or racing cars. If you go for the exclusivity of the event this means that racetrack, cars, staff, services and activities will be completely reserved for the participants of your company.

The type of activities and exercises will be defined during the development of the event, clearly following the needs and purpose of the company and will be recommended by the Dazeroa300 staff also and above all taking into consideration the time available, the period of the year and the number of participants.

Whatever type of activity will be included during a Dazeroa300, team building event, the collaboration between individuals will be stimulated and increased, as well as interpersonal relationships will certainly be built and enhanced, thanks to the creation of a climate of trust and esteem among the members of the same group, which will share the same emotions; the company production will certainly benefit from it.

The same applies for the organization of an incentive event for your sales force, for your external collaborators, or why not also for your most important customers, where moments of leisure together with moments of team building or convention will be the right choice to thank the participants for the work they have done and, at the same time, make them feel part of a group; this will help to create a favorable atmosphere towards the company.

An exclusive welcome coffee and a coffee break corner will always be available for customers during the entire day of the event for their activity and, upon request, it will also be possible to organize a light lunch at the racetrack.

A big variety of winning proposals with a strong adrenaline impact designed to test your employees and to offer them a unique and aggregative experience during the incentive and team building activities of Dazeroa300.
Based on what may be your business needs, Dazeroa300 is able to offer different types of incentives and/or team building events, with activities to be carried out at theracetrack and/or even on normal roads (where and if possible) that you can choose and combine to make your event totally different and unique:

These are experiential driving activities on the racetrack on-board of road and/or racing cars: sessions behind the wheel of incredible performance sports cars, to experience the thrill of speed and the adrenaline of driving on a real racetrack; a mix of passion and adrenaline, specifically created to amaze.
This is normally the main experience of an incentive and/or a team building event organised by Dazeroa300, and collateral activities can be added to the proram to make the event more complete and pleasant, especially when talking about large groups.
During the driving experience the participants will be supported by professional instructors who will give them the right tips to drive at 100% of their abilities, making the most out of the power of the cars, and making them feeling like a “real driver for a day”.

Based on the number of participants involved, the time and budget available for the activity, Dazeroa300 staff will advise you whether to opt for a full or half a day exclusive event on the racetrack, as well as the car models and the number of laps per person to be made behind the wheel.

The ability to rely on  Dazeroa300 professional drivers as passengers and be amazed by the power of super sports and performing cars, experiencing the thrill of a unique experience on a real racetrack.
A collateral activity suitable for all speed lovers, for eveyone who wants to know the secrets of driving to the maximum and who wants to discover the feelings of being next to a professional driver, or even for those who simply do not feel like getting behind the wheel and prefers to be “driven” in a whirlwind of emotions.

Dazeroa300 offers different levels of sports driving programs to allow everyone, beginners and not, to discover the secrets of driving on a real racetrack. Some of the exercises included in the complete courses may also be integrated as collateral activities within incentive and team building events.

These exercises will allow participants to learn the art of driving on the racetrack, increasing their performances, correcting their mistakes and getting the right feeling with the car, thanks to the assistance of federal instructors professional drivers, with a high level background in racing and always up to date with regards to their training.

Obviously whether these exercises are chosen as a collateral activity, it will be like a “taste” of sports driving, which however will guarantee them maximum fun and the possibility of learning different tricks behind the wheel.

Even with regards to safe driving, in creating your tailor-made corporate event, Dazeroa300 is able to include some of the fundamental exercises of safe driving so that participants can acquire a better control behind the wheel and conquer a more high personal safety in everyday situations no-board of their cars.
The types of safe driving exercises that will be proposed will vary based on the number of participants to consider for the event and the amount of time the group has available.

As well as for sports driving exercises, adding it as a side activity to the main one, it will mean having a small introduction of what are the bases of safe driving, compatibly with the time available and the number of exercises that can be performed.
On the other hand if your company interest is purely of a training nature, relating to the training on the safety at work of your employees, we invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail to check otgether the tailor-made programs available and eventual economic benefits provided for companies.

What could be better than combining the passion for engines and the one for the products of the Italian gastronomy?Dazeroa300 wants to strike the senses of its customers by offering a special customizable package that includes driving on the racetrack, together with the possibility of tasting the typical local products at the end of the event, with a visit to a renowned winery in the area and a wine tasting , accompanied by some local cheese and meat.
Upon request it is also possible to combine the main experience on the racetrack with a dinner or a lunch in exclusive locations, as well as organize the transfer from the track to the wine tasting venue and/or vice versa.

A virtual challenge with a high level of adrenaline in which participants will have the chance to try professional driving simulators to challenge each other on the most famous racetracks in the world.
The workstations that customers can use for their virtual competitions are of the highest level and guarantee a 100% realistic driving sensation.
The challenges will be organized in teams and the number of simulators defined considering the number of participants and the additional eventual side activities.

It is a mental training activity with practical tests aimed at finding a better “Neural Efficiency” that is obtained through the improvement of brain performance, combined with a lower expenditure of energy.
Method proposed by Dazeroa300 in collaboration with a well-known partner who works in the sports sector, in particular in motorsport and Formula 1, which is as well the creator of the mental training method itself, created with the use of cutting-edge equipment. A useful but also fun activity for managers, employees and any other professional figure, to learn how to manage stress, emotional components, as well as to create Team Building situations.

One of the best side activities for a team building, to create union and team spirit. The participants, divided into teams, will challenge each other in a time competition, where they have to change the tires of a formula car, recreating a real pit stop, like the ones we see during a Formula 1 Grand Prix.
Dazeroa300  mechanics will always be in assistance to ensure that everything happens safely.
At the end of the challenge, the team that has changed tires in the shortest time will be the final winner.

Sight is the first of the human senses, but that’s not all. What would it be like to be behind the wheel of a car without being able to see where we are going, but having to completely trust our co-driver?
A unique and out of the ordinary experience, but highly enjoyable and educational, where obstacle courses and the challenge of “parking in the dark” will be recreated and will allow you to experience your alternative strengths and develop all the other fundamental senses. A playful moment useful to understand the challenges that blind people have to face every day, but above all very important to intensifying human relationships, full collaboration and trust between participants.

One more chance to discuss doubts and curiosities from the world of motorsport, in a question & answer session, where a professional Dazeroa300 driver will be available for the company group. A useful opportunity also for the comparison between the participants and continuous personal training.
Based on the type of event and business purpose, the questions and/or concepts to be developed during the meeting with the possible support of audio and/or video material, will be defined with final customer.

Dazeroa300 offers the chance to combine the experience of driving on the racetrack with one on the normal roads, integrating the main experience on the track with a personalized tour on-board of road cars, or why not ​​even go for a totally “on the road” experience.
Thanks to the collaboration of  Dazeroa300 with some of the most important car manufacturers in the sector, you will have the opportunity to drive some of the latest models available, following a specially designed route to discover enchanting places in the area and enjoy the driving experience, of course always respecting the italian traffic laws.
Dazeroa300 professional instructors will guide the group and will be assisting throughout the entire route.
Upon request it is possible to integrate the road tour with guided visits to museums, wineries, light lunch or dinner in typical restaurants, or even create special integration programs with mandatory stages where to solve special challlenges that will lead one or more crews to the final victory. Another unusual and fun team-building opportunity to achieve a common goal.

Dazeroa300 is also able (upon request) to take care of every extra aspect of the main event: overnight stays in selected accommodation facilities, transfers, further collateral activities outside the racetrack, catering, photo shoot and video footage (with or without drone instrument support) … and much more, to satisfy your requests and guarantee quality and maximum attention to details.

Dazeroa300 also supports companies for their business like for example if they are looking for some hostesses, stewards and image girls for fairs, promotional activities, conferences and events in Northern Italy, responding promptly to your company needs of logistic and functional type.
Only professionals with a beautiful presence, highly qualified and with years of experience in the sector to guarantee excellent public relations skills. The selected figures are able to perform first reception tasks, the distribution of information material, customer and event management itself: the main business card for your potential buyers.

Whatever your need Dazeroa300 makes it available for your company and is able to study customized solutions consistent with company targets and budgets.


You will not have to worry about anything. Dazeroa300 will think about it!


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