Safe and sport driving courses, designed for individuals and companies
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Driving Courses

Different difficulty levels and programs to allow everyone, beginners and even those who have a bit more of experience, to discover the secrets of driving like a professional on the racetrack.

The ACI Sport Federal Technical Center Dazeroa300 will put you in the condition to learn how to get full control of the car even at high speeds, which are the correct trajectories to follow, what will be the reactions of the vehicle and how to learn to cope with them, thanks to the assistance of its federal drivers/instructors and the various sports driving programs, created to satisfy your desire to learn.

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Basic Course

Corso one-to-one pilota-allievo che permette uno scambio più diretto di informazioni volto al miglioramento delle prestazioni.

Sport Driving Course “New Beginners”

An introductory sports driving course dedicated to “new entries”, to bring participants without any experience closer to the automotive world

Sporting Driving Course Intermediate

An intermediate sports driving course, suitable for both beginners and participants with a slightly higher level of experience behind the wheel

Advanced sport driving course EVO

An advanced level sports driving course for experts behind the wheel, with technical exercises and lessons made on the racetrack

corso di drifting

Drifting course

A course designed to allow participants to learn the basics and the tricks for managing continued power oversteer.

Being an ACI Sport CTFA in the speed sector is a guarantee of reliability for customers. This award allows Dazeroa300 to have all the credentials to create high-level courses, differentiating itself from its competitors, to bring participants closer to the motorsport world and to increase their level of ability and concentration behind the wheel  through an appropriate training process.

Dazeroa300 sports driving courses are suitable for all those who want to learn the art of driving on the racetrack, increasing their performances lap after lap, correcting their mistakes and getting the right feeling with the car, thanks to the assistance of federal instructors who are professional drivers with a high level competitive background and who are always up to date with regards to their training. Some of them are currently competing in some of the best known racing championships in motorsport such as DTM, WEC, Blancpain, GT World, Le Mans Series, or up to categories like LMP1-LMP2-LMP3, Formula Abarth and F3.

Dazeroa300 heavily relies on practice and on a reduced number of participants for each of its courses with an instructor-student ratio of 1 to 2/3 maximum: this is to ensure greater learning and level assistance, which allow those who get behind the wheel to bring home with them an important knowledge at the end of the day.

The main objective is the result, customer learning always comes first.

All sports driving courses are held with the use of the racetrack EXCLUSIVELY for Dazeroa300.

The pre-racetrack driving exercises are carried out in an equipped driving center area inside the racetrack, on board of specific cars suitable for this type of activity, which are always checked and managed by professional mechanics to ensure that they are always in perfect condition and in step with modern technologies.


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