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Driving Experience

Who has never dreamed of experiencing the thrill of being a real driver for a day and testing some of the best performing cars on a real racetrack? With Dazeroa300 all this is possible!

By purchasing the Dazeroa300 driving experience packages you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of high-performance sports cars specially prepared to be driven on a real racetrack by a team of professional mechanics. A breathtaking experience that you have to try for sure and which is available at the Tazio Nuvolari racetrack in Cervesina, not that far from Pavia.

At the time of your purchase, you can choose which car to drive between the different road models available such as BMW M3 E92 and Alfa 4c Launch Edition, as well as the number of laps or total sessions to be made behind the wheel.

While driving you will be supported by a professional instructor/driver who will give you the right tips to drive at 100% of your skills, making the most out of the power of the car in total safety.

Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition

Light as a feather, quick as a go-kart! Get behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition and get ready to enjoy a unique sports driving experience!


Pura potenza tedesca nelle tue mani! Motore bi-turbo 6 cilindri , 460 cv, trazione posteriore e cambio sequenziale. Pronti a scendere in pista?

Hot Lap Experience

Get in the car on the passenger side and trust Dazeroa300 professional drivers. You will be amazed by the power of these sports cars.

Buy a driving experience for yourself or make a present for your beloved ones: a perfect gift to experience the thrill of speed and the one of driving on a real racetrack: a mix of passion and adrenaline created to amaze.

The Dazeroa300 team of professionals will guide you throughout your participation to ensure that your driving experience is absolutely unforgettable.

No previous experience required; to drive these road cars prepared for the racetrack you only need to be at least 18 years old and have a regular and valid type B driving license.

To ensure the perfect performance of the activity, a few days before the event, Dazeroa300 will send you an email with the time when you will have to be at the racetrack: this is the exact time in which you will have to go to the garages to start the accreditation procedures for your driving experience. A technical briefing will follow with a professional driver/instructor and after that you will start your track experience based on the number of laps or sessions that you have purchased.

Your Driving Experience step by step:

The Dazeroa300 staff will welcome you for your driving experience: you will be asked to sign a standard waiver and you will be given your name badge that will allow you to access the garages, the pit lane and hospitality;

Mini introductory lesson made by a Dazeroa300 professional instructor/driver that will allow you to learn the basic rules and techniques about driving on a real racetrack. The staff will also be available to answer any doubts and curiosities.
Each briefing session includes a maximum number of 6 participants to ensure a better interaction between the instructor and the student.

Before getting behind the wheel, of course, you will need to wear a disposable hygienic balaclava and protective helmet, both provided for the experience by Dazeroa300.
At this point you can get into the cockpit and together with the professional instructor/driver who will be at your side during the activity, you will proceed to setting the correct driving position.

Now it’s your turn and you can finally enjoy driving the Dazeroa300 road cars prepared for the racetrack, supported by the professional driving instructor who will give you the right tips to drive 100%, exploiting the full potential of the car for a breathtaking experience in total safety.

At the end of the activity you will be issued a certificate that attests your participation.
If you have purchased the on-board video camera car service, you will receive it directly by e-mail within a maximum of one week from the date of the driving experience. If you have not purchased it yet, you can still do it before leaving the racetrack by asking it directly at the Dazeroa300 desk where you have registered at your arrival and you can pay it with cash or credit card / debit card.


The driving experience has a duration that varies according to the number of laps/sessions purchased; in any case you should consider a total duration between 2 hours and maximum half day.
Guests are welcome and they will be able to attend the sessions without having to pay any extra fees.


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