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Drifting course


+ - Description


Driving courses will be held individually due to the new anti-covid dispositions

A course designed to allow participants to learn the basics and the tricks for managing continued power oversteer. The course focuses on a short theoretical part and a more intense session dedicated to practice.

The exercises that will be carried out are the donuts and figure eights, which represent the “inititation” of the drift.

In the donuts exercise, you must go around a circle with a diameter of at least 2 meters keeping the car in oversteer.

When performing a figure eights 2 spaced circles are positioned; to carry out the exercise, use the same technique as the donuts for most of the circle’s travel, at a certain point you have to detach from the first circle to move on to the second, in order to precisely execute the figure of a number 8 with the car. Moving from one rim to another is called “transition”: the power of the vehicle is used to move the load to make it turn and resume oversteer, continuing our figure eights.

The course includes a long phase of exercise because we do believe that practice and the continuous repetition of the exercises help to understand how to control the car and how to make those exercises in the right way.


  • Arrival at the racetarck and welcome coffee
  • Technical briefing with federal drivers/instructors
  • Practical demonstration of the instructors
  • First session of car drifting exercises for the participants
  • Debriefing with instructor to analyze the points on which to improve and the objectives that have to be achieved in the second part of the day
  • Second session of car drifting exercises for the participants
  • End of the activity, driving certificate and photos

    For more informations, contact us by phone +39 3339303935 or +39 3476001584 or fill the form.

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    Additional information


    1 Lap, 1 Session of 25 min., 10 Laps, 2 Laps, 3 Laps, 4 Laps, 5 Laps, 6 Laps, 7 Laps, 8 Laps, 9 Laps


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