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Tatuus Formula 4


1 session of 25min. is about 13-15 laps

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A thrilling single-seater! Get behind the wheel of the Dazeroa300 Tatuus Formula 4 and get ready to enjoy a unique sports driving experience!

The Tatuus Formula 4 comes from the racing world, directly from the FIA ​​F4 championship. High safety standards and low costs were the manufacturer’s keywords during the design and construction of this car. Equipped with a 160-hp Abarth Turbocharged engine, a composite carbon fiber chassis, fiberglass bodywork and a sequential gearbox at the wheel, the Tatuus Formula 4 is the perfect launching pad to fully enter the world of racing.

Dazeroa300 gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving the Tatuus Formula 4 for one or more sessions on the racetrack. The chance to get behind the wheel of a real racing car, with the help and constant support of the whole team: from the mechanics, to the drivers/instructors on the racetrack and in the pit-lane, to our hospitality staff.

Training or Experience? Whether your goal is to experience the thrill of the racetrack once in a lifetime, or start a real training course, the Dazeroa300 team will be at your side to guarantee you will enjoy your experience to the fullest. The Tatuus Formula 4 will be at your disposal for a simple experience as a driver, or for a more specific personalized training, aimet at those who want to pursue their passion and get to compete in high level competitions.

Please note: to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, we recommend the use of this car to those who already have experienced driving on the racetrack with other racing cars.


  • Engine: Fiat Abarth Turbocharged
  • Displacement: 1600cc
  • Power: 160 hp
  • Weight: 560 kg
  • Transmission: Sadev sequential, 6 gears
  • Composite fiberglass bodywork
  • Carbon composite frame monocoque (FIA F4 approved)
  • Brakes: 4 piston monolithic calipers, ventilated discs, brake pads (by Brembo)
  • LCD screen integrated in the steering wheel
  • Data acquisition through SOLO-AIM and camera car
  • Security systems

PROGRAM of the experience

  • Accreditation at the racetrack and welcome coffee
  • Technical briefing pre-experience with a driver (about 30 min.) ONE TO ONE
  • Preparation with racesuit, helmet with intercom, balaclava, gloves and shoes (FIA approved clothing, even if you have your own one)
  • Driving position setting
  • Driving sessions on the racetrack (based on the number of purchased sessions)
  • Post-experience de-briefing (at the end of each session on the racetrack) with viewing and analysis of the data collected via SOLO-AIM camera and telemetry
  • End of the experience and driving certificates (on-board video delivery with telemetry can be added to the purchase)

The PURCHASE of the experience includes

  • Entrance to the racetrack
  • Car rental
  • Driver/professional instructor in assistance
  • Pre and post experience technical briefing
  • Data acquisition / telemetry system
  • Fuel & Tires
  • Rain insurance
  • Free access for guests

DURATION of the experience

The driving experience on-board of the Tatuus Formula 4 has a duration that may vary according to the number of the purchased sessions. Each session lasts for 25 minutes. The entire experience, including briefing-debriefing-sessions on the racetracj, has a minimum indicative duration of about one and a half hour.


  • On-board video camera car: € 39.00
  • Complete set of FIA approved clothing: € 90.00
    (suit, helmet with intercom, balaclava, gloves, shoes)

    For more informations, contact us by phone +39 3339303935 or +39 3476001584 or fill the form.

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