Try the excitement to feel like a real racing driver on our Mitjet 2.0L!

DAZEROA300 organizes driving lessons on a Mitjet 2.0L to get closer to the racing world as an amateur or an aspiring professional, ask for a tailor made program. Driving our Mitjet 2.0 L is a unique experience that will help you to reach the maximum level for what concerns your driving skills.

  • Mitjet 2.0L
  • Mitjet 2.0L

Driving our Mitjet 2.0L is a unique experience that will take you to the highest driving levels.

Thanks to a sophisticated data acquisition device connected to the ECU of the car and a video camera positioned on-board, it is possible to review and analyze each lap with relative accelerations, braking, trajectories, etc., in order to plan exercises and driving sessions, but also to record your improvements. AIM SmartyCam GP HD has been specifically designed for motorsport, to create high quality videos with overlay all the technical information useful to evaluate and improve your performance.

By evaluating the characteristics of your driving style with the help of charts, histograms and tables lap by lap, a personalized program will be composed to acquire a more and more efficient competence and rhythm.

For amateurs who want to have fun driving a real racing car or for those who want to get closer to the motorsport world!


The French Mitjet 2.0L is a silhouette car that will make you feel like a reaal driver:

  • Bodywork: composite, tubular steel frame
  • Weight: 720 Kg
  • Power: 220 hp
  • Engine: central front 16V 2.0L naturally aspirated Renault RS; rear-wheel Drive
  • Gearbox: 6-speed sequential Sadev with Teknogear gearbox upgrade; self-locking differential
  • Tires: semi-slick


  • Welcome coffee and registration
  • Technical briefing with a professional instructor (about 30 mins)
  • Getting ready procedure: participants will be asked to wear our rental race suits, as well as our disposable balaclavas and our helmets with special intercom systems
  • Driving position
  • Driving experience on the racetrack (duration may vary considering the number of purchased sessions)
  • De-briefing activity + analysis of all data collected by “SOLO-AIM” camera
  • Guests can watch driving sessions from the pit lane
  • End of the activity and driving certificates

You will not have to wait for long to drive our cars as we will give you the chance to book the day and time you prefer for your driving experience.


  • Racetrack access
  • Car rental
  • Assistance of a professional driver/instructor
  • Technical briefing before the driving experience (30 mins)
  • Data and telemetry acquisition system
  • Video camera car on-board with telemetry and overlayed data
  • De-briefing activity + analysis of all data collected
  • Intercom helmet and disposable balaclava
  • FIA approved race suit
  • Free guests access
  • Fuel
  • Tyre consumption
  • Rain insurance
  • Racing car special daily insurance

The experience includes a special racing car daily insurance with a maximum covering of € 24.000 and a deductible of € 4.000. Any eventual damage under € 4.000 will be charged to the driver, from € 4.000 to € 24.000 will be covered by the insurance. Damages over € 24.000 will be charged to the driver.


The driving experience itself might have different durations, depending on the number of the purchased sessions, from a minimum of a hour and a half and up. It includes the time for getting ready, the technical briefing, the driving experience and the final de-briefing activity. Each session lasts 25 minutes. At the end of each session we will have a bit of time for checking the performances of the driving experience and communicating with the driver.

For more details please call +39 3339303935 and/or +39 3476001584 or write us to and/or

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  • Mitjet 2.0L
  • Mitjet 2.0L
  • Mitjet 2.0L