“New Beginners” Sport Driving Course

“New Beginners” Sport Driving Course

Half day duration
An entry-level course suitable for all those who have always dreamt about learning the right techniques useful to drive a car at the highest levels, but in a totally safe way.
A basic level course on the racetrack, useful for improving your skills while having fun with our team of professionals.
The “new beginners” sports driving course is thought for classes with the assistance of 1 instructor for each group of 5/6 people, so that each participant has the right time to deepen his/her driving techniques.
For each event, we do accept a maximum number of 10/12 participants in order to guarantee the success of the course.

  • corso di guida sportiva in pista
  • corso di guida sportiva in pista


  • Registration and welcome coffee
  • Technical briefing with a professional instructor
  • Technical driving  exercises – 3 different exercises (understeer, 8 exercise with skid-car and yaw with slide machine)
  • Driving activity on the racetrack that includes:
    • 2 laps driving BMW M3 E92
    • 2 laps driving Alfa Romeo 4c Launch Edition
    • 2 laps driving Ferrari F458 Italia
  • End of the activity – driving certificates and group picture


  • Meet the desire to drive a high-performance car to the highest levels
  • Learn to understand the reactions of the car and react in case of emergency and when needed
  • Bring the participants closer to the automotive world and reduce any fear when driving the car at high speeds
  • Learn the right techniques that guarantee to drive the car to its limits in a total safe way
  • Learn how to get into a corner, braking points and understand understeer, oversteer and acceleration.
  • Deepen your driving techniques at the wheel
  • Learn to manage the emotional component related to driving on the racetrack
  • Lay the groundwork for an aware driving experience and for a possible start of a sports driving training course.


*** Free video included as a gift for each participant ***


  • Racetrack entrance
  • Exclusive safe driving area use
  • Exclusive use of spaces and track Dazeroa300
  • Professional drivers/instructors working side by side with the participants, on the passenger side
  • Laps and exercises as indicated in the program
  • Technical briefing for about 45 minutes
  • Fuel
  • Wheels
  • Helmet and single-use balaclava
  • Free access for eventual guests
  • Cffe-break service
  • Liability insurance for driver and passenger
  • Rain insurance
  • Kasko insurance (no deductible)
  • Driving certificates
  • Free video of the experience

For any additional information please get in touch with us by phone dialling one of the following numbers +39 3339303935 and/or +39 3476001584 or write us an e-mail to info@dazeroa300.com and/or marketing@dazeroa300.com

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  • corso di guida sportiva in pista