Drifting course

Drifting course

An introductory drifting course designed to allow participants to learn the basics of” driving sideways”, how to control a vehicle in total oversteer, like a real” Fast and Furious “, developing the right technique to perform quality drifting exercises.
A training specifically designed into “levels” with different exercises made in the right sequence considering their difficulty, aimed at learning how to control the car’s skid and the basic techniques, in a safe and highly entertaining way.

  • Dazeroa300 - Corso drifting
  • Dazeroa300 - Corso drifting


  • Arrival at the racetrack, welcome coffee and registration
  • Technical briefing with professionl instructors
  • Professional instructors’ demonstration
  • First part of the drifting exercises for the participants:
    • “Drift-around” exercise on a Renault Twizy
    • “Drift-around” exercise on a Bmw M3 E92
    • “Figure 8” exercise on a Renault Twizy
  • De-briefing together with the instructor to analyse mistakes and results to be achieved by the end of the day
  • Light lunch at the restaurant of the racetrack
  • Second part of the day: “Figure 8” exercise on a Bmw M3 E92
  • End of the activity, driving certificates and group picture


This exercise will teach you how to control oversteer with a poor grip bottom (rear wheel drive). The rear axle is skidded through the use of gas and steering, in order to reach the right yaw angle and control the continuous skid, through the counter-steering and by dosing gas with the right balance. The skid is carried out in a circular area (round).

The technique Is the same, but with a higher difficulty: the circular areas are in fact two, connected by a diagonal that visually forms an 8 figure. In this case the complexity lies in connecting the two circular areas, transferring the load of the car in the diagonal, making a “pendulum” (very fast lateral load displacement), so as to insert the car already skidding in the next circular area.

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  • Dazeroa300_15dicembre-9083
  • Dazeroa300 - Corso drifting
  • Dazeroa300 - Corso drifting
  • Dazeroa300 - Corso drifting
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