Advanced sport driving course

Advanced sport driving course

We do propose an Advanced sport driving course with technical exercises and lessons directly on the racetrack. Our one-day-course will allow you to get full control of the car and learn how to control it at high speeds. You will be able to increase your racing driving style through a useful and fun experience in a real racetrack with high performance cars and professional drivers/ instructors.

Driving on the track is a highly technical activity, whose main difficulty is related to the speed, both for the objective problems that high speed entails, and for the high level of emotional stress that derives from it. But do not worry: our drivers will support you throughout the day to show you the correct trajectories and how to drive around a corner to optimize speed and improve your driving technique.

This driving course lasts an entire day and it is structured for groups with the assistance of 1 instructor every 6/7 people, so that each participant has enough time to deepen his/her driving skills. We suggest a maximum of 12 participants at a time, but in case of greater demand, we will adapt the number of cars and drivers/instructors at their disposal, considering the total amount of real participants.

Our goal is to get the maximum result for what concerns utility and fun. Increase your potential up to 100%!


  • Technical briefing
  • First part of the course with driving exercises at the safe driving centre – (understeeer-, skid car, oversteer – drift around exercise)
  • Light lunch at the restaurant of the racetrack
  • 30 mins technical briefing in the paddock for what concern the racetrack part
  • 15 final laps driving our sport cars: 5 laps on BMW M3 E92 + 5 laps on Alfa 4c Launch Edition + 5 laps on Ferrari F458 Italia – instructos next to the participant inside the car for the entire experience
  • Driving certificates and group picture

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