Test Drive

Dealers and car manufacturers

DAZEROA300 organizes test drive, product launches, product presentations, safe driving courses and sports courses for dealers and car manufacturers.

Thanks to our experience we will study the right strategy to highlight the car and its features, the strengths of the product to meet customer expectations and ensure high performance. Our goal is to give customers a strong emotion and leave them a positive memory. Our test drives are designed and created to highlight the potential and characteristics of the cars used; our staff of technicians and instructors, together with the car dealer/company, will decide on which features and technical aspects to focus and consequently how to develop the exercises of the test drive and with which vehicles.

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Test drives and all extra activities represent a unique opportunity to enhance your business, an essential tool to get new customers or to consolidate relationships with those already acquired.

5 good reasons why you should choose to organize a test drive with Dazeroa300:

  1. Strengthening and encouraging the image of brand agility and its safety
  2. Loyalty of its customers who will feel “pampered” by a premium and personalized offer
  3. Conquest of new customers who will be able to experience the quality, comfort and technology of the brand’s cars
  4.  Involvement of its own customers in a useful and exciting driving experience, which they will hardly forget
  5. Customers will have the certainty to have invested not only in top-level cars, but also and above all in a long-term relationship with a trusted dealership

For more details or to get a quotation please call +39 3476001584 or write us to marketing@dazeroa300.com