Hostess e Stewards

Dazeroa300: the winning image for your business

Dazeroa300 is not only about engines, but it also deals with the events’ management by providing services to companies.

We can provide staff for trade shows, promotional activities, congresses and events in Northern Italy, considering your logistical and functional needs.
We employ a team of highly qualified professionals, with years of experience in the field and with a great passion in the world of motorsport and events.

  • Dazeroa300 - Hostess e stewards
  • Dazeroa300 - Hostess e stewards
  • Dazeroa300 - Hostess e stewards
  • Dazeroa300 - Hostess e stewards
  • Dazeroa300 - Hostess e stewards


One of the key and successful elements for the success of an event is represented by the professional figures of the Hostesses and Stewards who are the main business card for your potential customers.
Our staff stands out for their excellent ability to relate with the public, for their beautiful presence and for professional skills such as: accreditation, customer management and event management.
Our hostesses and stewards are able to assist you during all phases of your event: from organization to performance.


The success of an event is also given by its image. This is why it is essential to have professional and excellent-looking girls who are able to capture the client’s attention and respond to communication needs, related to the company’s values ​​to be transmitted.
An additional touch of beauty, elegance and a beautiful presence, provides a right footprint for events: our resources play a predominant role in attracting guests and possess physical requirements suitable to give the right image to your company.

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