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Are you looking for a winning idea with a strong adrenaline impact for your employees or would you like to offer a unique experience to your customers?

Discover our incentive activities, team building and all the proposals we offer to companies! DAZEROA300 takes care of every aspect of the event, from the activity itself, to the assistance, every additional service like catering, photo shoot and much more, thanks to experienced drivers, technicians and professionals with many years of experience in motorsport events.

  • Dazeroa300 - Incentive e team building
  • Dazeroa300 - Incentive e team building

DAZEROA300 offers a team-building experience that is mainly fun: we stimulate the dynamics of communication through a fun and engaging out-of-office theme, helping to create the group through the satisfaction of the single participant, the empathy and the strong adrenaline impact of the experience. Our goal is to entertain the group by strengthening the feeling of belonging to a team.

Team Experience

Our incentive and team building events take place in an environment which is much different from the one employees are used to; every participants has to face challenges and difficulties which are not connected to his/her professional role and all participants are placed on the same level without distinction.

The recreational footprint and strong emotional impact of our business activities stimulates to deepen the relationship between colleagues and to increase confidence towards each other, improving the level of collaboration and encouraging their communication.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, our incentive events are followed by a debriefing in which the participants gather their emotions. Sharing and linking the activity with the company’s own reality helps to deepen its educational content.

Some of the objectives we pursue with our business activities:

  • help colleagues get to know each other in depth
  • stimulate and increase collaboration and motivation
  • create a climate of trust and esteem
  • develop empathy, cohesion and integration
  • work for goals
  • evaluate and appreciate the attitudes and potential of individuals
  • encourage leadership
  • know and to recognize oneself in the mission and in the company values
  • Dazeroa300 - Incentive e team building
  • Dazeroa300 - Incentive e team building
  • Dazeroa300 - Incentive e team building

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