H Project - Sport Driving Course - Dazeroa300 and FISAPS
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H Project – Sport Driving Course


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From March 4th, 1993, motor racing is one of the sports that can bepracticed by people with disabilities at a competitive level. Thanks tothis measure of the Ministry of Health, Italy has also managed to get inline with all the other European countries.

Thanks to the collaboration with Guidosimplex, a company specialized in the design, production and installation ofspecial driving aids and transportation systems for the disabled, the “H Project” has born and DAZEROA300 becomesthe rst reality in Europe to make available racing and GT cars adapted for people with disabilities, for sports drivingcourses and racing experience on the racetrack.

As a result of the extra collaboration with Fisaps (Italian Federation of Motor Sports Special Licenses) Dazeroa300 willalso provide its customers with the courses that this association already organizes for all disabled motoringenthusiasts.

The purpose of Dazeroa300 is to promote the development of automotive activity among the disabled, in the sameway of the able-bodied. It is a certain fact that sport is a valid therapy for the reintegration and enhancement of one’spotential.

This is a project of integration through sport, practiced by all without distinction according to one’s possibilities andattitudes, which involves both able-bodied and the disabled, in the same activity on the racetrack.

Sport is an important tool for the disabled especially for:

  • allowing them to get to know their bodies, have a positive perspective of themselves that can be enhanced andnot to be seen as an obstacle;
  • revolutionizing their point of view, providing new objectives and goals to be achieved;
  • assigning each one a role, a specic task in a collective context, thus succeeding in breaking down the walls thatare created outside. In sport we are all the same and on the racetrack we can compete on equal terms.


  • Electronic accelerator ring above the steering wheel
    This device is xed directly above the original steering wheel; in order to obtain acceleration you just have to make alight pressure at any point of the rim; by doing that the user can safely maintain the normal driving position withboth hands on the steering wheel.
  • Manual forward brake
    The lever is made entirely of aluminum and covered with embossed rubber; with this shape it guarantees practicalityand safety while using it and it is optimally integrated within the car. The lever, as required by current legislation,works by pushing forward and is equipped with a button to operate the horn and a locking system to facilitate hillstarts.


The course is reserved for participants with disabilities in the lower limbs and in possession of a special B license.

All participants who want to take part in the activities and dedicated courses will be asked to submit the followingdocuments:

  • Application form duly lled in to be sent by e-mail to: info@dazeroa300.com. Together with the request, the applicant must include the physical pathology and the related driving adaptationsreported on his/her special license.
  • A doctor’s certied note attesting the suitability for non-competitive sport (to be carried on the day of the course);
  • A copy of the special type B driving license (to be carried on the day of the course).


  • Satisfy the desire to drive a high-performance car to the max while overcoming the obstacle of disability
  • Enable participants to get to know their own body, putting it in a positive perspective to be valued and not as an obstacle
  • Revolutionize the point of view, providing new goals to be achieved
  • Assigning each participant a role, a precise task in a collective context, thus managing to break down the walls created externally
  • Learning to understand the reactions of the car and how to react if necessary
  • Reducing any fear in handling the car at high speeds
  • Learn how to get the right entry into a corner, the apexes and the phases of understeer, oversteer and acceleration
  • Deepen your driving technique
  • Learn how to manage the emotional component of driving on the track


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